Prmit Allows Your Website to Handle Data Access Requests in a Transparent, Ethical, and Compliant Way.

Secure transferring of personal data when handling Data Access Request. We also provide state-of-the-art authentication of customers, when they want access to their data at your website.

Our Mission

‘To empower individuals and organizations with state-of-the-art data privacy software’

Our Vision

‘Improve the worlds perception about data together’

Creating Value From Day 1

With the Prmit solution your website will excel in handling Data Subject Access Request, which is one of the central rights in the GDPR-regulative. Here is a glimpse of the benefits for your company from day 1 of a using our one-click implementation into your online environment:

DSAR = Data Subject Access Request


Prmit allow you to process data in a more transparent manner.

Cost reductions

By using Prmit cost reduction related to DSAR-handelingdue to a higher level of automation.


Staying compliant is key for every business to mitigate the risk of regulatory fines related to wrong or illegal processing of personal data. Prmit reduces regulatory barriers and help elevating your business beyond compliance.


Today, DSAR-handeling are in the majority of instances carried out in an insecure, unencrypted, and unsafe manner. With Prmit your customers can start to trust the DSAR-handeling process and how their personal data is being transfered between your and your customers.


It can be a challenging and inefficient task to authenticate your customers identity when handling DSAR-request. Let us at Prmit take care of this. We authenticate that customers identify are legitimate using e-ID’s including MitID ©.

Cost Reductions and Better Customer Relations

While empowering customers we are also increasing company transparency, improving customer relations, and reducing DSAR-related costs.

DSAR = Data Subject Access Request

Reduce Costs

By automating the DSAR-process we reduce manual handling. By moving your company beyond compliance, we help you avoid compliance related fines.

Increase transparency

By using Prmit compliance and privacy policies become more transparent. This increase the transparency and trust towards company customers.

Customer Relations

As a result of increased transparency, our approval of data-processing techniques, and tools for consumers to easily manage their personal data customer relations are improved.

The Prmit Team

A Danish tech start-up founded and developed in Copenhagen, Denmark

Martin Lange


Astrid Thiebaux


Gustav Johansen


Malou Landsgaard


Lukas Larsen


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